• Image of Sam Craighead - The Tuesday Night Music Club LP

He's baaaaaack!

The Tuesday Night Music Club, the follow up to 2015's Craig's Hideaway, is either the year's saddest comedy record, or the year's funniest emo record. Either way, it is definitely a record.

Sam has more or less traded his acoustic guitar in for a piano and an instrumentally dynamic backing band, but the spirit is the same. This is 10 songs of sad, sweet, funny and honest. Covering everything from the heartbreaking public dissolution of K-Fed's marriage to Britney Spears, to the true story of the abduction and brutal murder of a local alpaca. And more than a few references to Beanie Babies.

Although a more discerning ear might say that this album is like Randy Newman meets Belle and Sebastian, I would say it's what Lisa Loeb would sound like if she wore glasses.

This LP is available on red or gold vinyl, and includes a digital download code. Also available bundled with a new, exclusive t-shirt.

Pressing information:

100 on Gold (H2W exclusive)
200 on Red

Check it out at head2wallrecords.bandcamp.com/