• Image of Other People - Other Places LP

The debut LP from Columbus, Ohio's Other People​ is not a breakup record. But it's also not NOT a breakup record... Other Places maps a complicated emotional journey,
not only through the perils of romantic entanglements, but also from adolescence to maturity. This is an album that is as much about being grown as it is about growing.

Epic in scope, but riveting from start to finish, Other Places is a rollercoaster that runs the gamut. Deftly pivoting between the infectious pop sensibilities of the first few Green Day records and the meaty riffiness of the best '90s buzz bin bangers, Other People​ has created a record that mirrors their own decades-long personal and musical odyssey.

Other Places is an album worth your attention. The kind of fast, fun record that grabs you immediately, but plants roots that grow deeper and deeper, connecting in increasingly meaningful ways with each spin.

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100 on Coke bottle clear (H2W exclusive)
200 on Black

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