• Image of Moonkisser - Summer's Fleeting Majesty 12" EP + Shirt

This six-song, one-sided 12“ EP is exactly the enormous, post-hardcore follow-up to their debut you’ve been hoping for. While still packed with the almost uncanny, pummeling, resurrection of legendary Quicksand-style riffing, Summer's Fleeting Majesty finds this Portland trio leaning hard into the same era's West Coast interpretation of the genre. Incorporating previously only hinted at melodies and depth, it's impossible not to be reminded of bands like Sense Field and Farside, but they do it with such fresh and honest eyes, and genuine emotional connection, that it never feels stale or recycled. This isn't nostalgic or redolent, it's evolution and progress.

Bundled here with an exclusive new t-shirt, designed by the incredible Joey's World, and printed in white ink on pepper Comfort Colors shirts by our friends at Edgemen Printing.

Pressing information:
100 on Yellow vinyl (H2W exclusive)
200 on White vinyl

Includes a digital download code.

Check it out at head2wallrecords.bandcamp.com/