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***PLEASE NOTE: This item is a pre-order, and is expected to ship on or before Friday, February 19th.***

We are thrilled to present, almost a year to the day after the release of their debut LP, brand new music from Northwest Ohio‘s Honeymoon! These two songs, their first to feature new drummer Liam Fernandez, find the band doubling down on their powerful brand of spacey, riffy post hardcore/alternative rock, and leaning even further into the legacies of the crunchier, heavier bands of that world. They have somehow managed to craft two pieces that still capture the essence of their incredible LP, without falling into the all-too-easy trap of reiteration and regurgitation. The growth and evolution here is electrifying. And may portend a monster, prolific year for this band...

This two-sided, 6" lathe cut record is limited to 50 copies, and includes a digital download of both songs.

Bundled here with a copy of their LP, From The Future, on black vinyl, an exclusive new companion photo/lyrics zine, and an exclusive new two-color shirt, printed on Comfort Colors, by Edgemen Printing.

Check it out at head2wallrecords.bandcamp.com/

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