• Image of Empire Down / Liberty And Justice - We Want Revenge For Every Minute Lost Split 12"

We have partnered with Primator Crew to release a split 12” by Empire Down and Liberty And Justice! This is just the most recent in a long line of astonishing split records featuring Oi! bands from the central time zone, such as the Lower Class Brats/Dead End Cruisers (1997) and Concrete (Elite)/Assault & Battery (2014).

Empire Down hails from Minneapolis, Minnesota and blends Oi! and hardcore like sugar and Kool-Aid (think Bonecrusher, 86 Mentality and Violent Way). Liberty And Justice is from Houston, Texas and are more on the street punk tip. Their energy and music is reminiscent of bands like The Trouble, The Boils and The Anti-Heros, but with a singer who has very much his own voice. Basically any hardcore kid, skinhead or herbert will love this.

Check it out at head2wallrecords.bandcamp.com/