• Image of Drip-Fed - Kill The Buzz LP
  • Image of Drip-Fed - Kill The Buzz LP
  • Image of Drip-Fed - Kill The Buzz LP
  • Image of Drip-Fed - Kill The Buzz LP

Austin, Texas’s Drip-Fed is back, with a brand new LP! This “hardcore” band has made a name for themselves by never hesitating to push beyond the confines of the genre from which they emerged. While undoubtedly intense and punishingly emphatic at times, they are just as comfortable dipping their toes into everything from power pop to lead-line heavy, guitar driven rock and roll. They are a punk band that isn’t afraid to play their instruments, and a pop band that isn’t afraid to let themselves become completely unhinged.

Their new full-length, Kill The Buzz, is available on Head2Wall Records in the US and I Corrupt Records in Europe, and finds the band pushing themselves and their unique approach even further. It's everything they have worked so hard to create, but even more of all of it. It is somehow heavier and noisier, but also catchier and more accessible. Drip-Fed have proven that they are not content with having simultaneously pushed all of the boundaries of punk rock only once.

Includes digital download code.

Also available bundled with an exclusive new shirt!

Pressing information:
150 on White Vinyl w/ Blue Center Blob
150 on Red/White Half and Half Vinyl
100 CDs

Check it out at head2wallrecords.bandcamp.com/

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