• Image of Sam Craighead - OK Computer Room CS

We are so excited to present Sam Craighead's third full-length, OK Computer Room! This newest project finds the groundbreaking and deeply important artist still making music!

But, if your favorite Craig tunes are the fun and silly ones, this is not the record for you... Though it's certainly not without its pleasantly jocular moments, Sam dedicates significantly more time to decidedly un-fun issues, like human rights, gentrification, and police violence this time around. He also name drops Moss Icon, which is a little weird, but also pretty cool.

Upon pre-ordering the cassette, you will be emailed a link to purchase tickets
to Sam's EXCLUSIVE virtual release show on November 4th at 8 pm, for $3 off the normal $5 price. That's 60% off! For more information on this EXCLUSIVE interactive multi-media event, click here!

Limited to 100 copies.

Includes free digital download.

Check it out at head2wallrecords.bandcamp.com/