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***PLEASE NOTE: This item is a pre-order, and is expected to ship on or before April 23rd, 2021.***

Originally formed more than a decade ago in Nashville, Tennessee, Courtesy Drop has spent nearly that entire time - including a 6+ year hiatus - reimagining and redefining themselves. This past year found principal songwriter Paul Chalos and his core collaborator throughout most of this period, Joel Thompson (Druse, Who Decides), pushed back together. Artistically, if not geographically. Now improbably based in both Western Pennsylvania and Rochester, New York, Courtesy Drop's newest incarnation finds the quartet - now featuring Joel’s Druse and Who Decides partner Ryan Maher on guitar and longtime friend Holden Taylor - building on the ideas and framework that informed their early years, but with a notably more thoughtful and deliberate approach, resulting in music that feels new and exciting. In a way that bands with two LPs and an EP are seldom able to achieve.

If you missed this incredible band the first time around, they play an absolutely awe-inspiring blend of late '90s midwestern basement indie rock and sweeping, powerful post rock. Like so few other bands, they have managed to find and walk that delicate line between emotionally impactful and explosive, but also epic and expansive in scope. Their brand new EP, Argonaut, finds them at their absolute finest.

All orders include a 2.25" green rubber Yuki ball, and a photo/lyrics zine.

Limited to 100 copies, and includes a digital download.

Also available bundled with an exclusive new shirt.

Check it out at head2wallrecords.bandcamp.com/