• Image of Pretty Matty / Sad Baxter - Split 7"

Now THIS is a split 7"! Pretty Matty and Sad Baxter exemplify the notion that pop punk can be sweet and fun and catchy, without being vapid and valueless. It's refreshing and exciting, but still meaningful.

Pretty Matty's "Why Not Be Something That You Are?" is reminiscent of the glory days of Lookout! Records, when this saccharine offshoot of a historically angry genre was more than just its more palatable, lowest common denominator offshoot. It's gritty and emotional, but impossibly memorable.

Sad Baxter, for their side, take that same perfect subgenre, but infuse it with elements of Bleach/Live Through This style pop grunge, to produce a grimy, almost unsettling, beautiful alternative rock masterpiece.

Includes free digital download.

Pressing information:

100 on Translucent Green vinyl (H2W exclusive)
200 on Translucent Blue vinyl

Check it out at head2wallrecords.bandcamp.com/